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The challenge

CPM Netherlands is a PepsiCo partner since the beginning of October 2018 and is responsible for the field services in Retail en Away from home. CPM provided two teams with a total number of 23 Sales Representatives. The business is split in to two areas: Fixed and Flex. On a dedicated base, our Fixed team lays there focus on perfect shelving and increasing sales through the deployment of local promotions. With our CPM Flex team we give PepsiCo access to extra capacity in a high flexible way.

Our Solution
  • We changed the current recruitment process of PepsiCo. With a pro-active approach in which we start recruiting new talent before vacancy's appear, we have been able to fill vacancies quickly. We introduced speed dates as a new effective way to interview candidates.
  • We have set-up a solid back office support team that provides al necessary support to the people in the field (For example; HR activities and Fleet management) and who are also responsible for the client service to PepsiCo.
  • We initiated multiple innovative efficiency initiatives in order to create savings for PepsiCo in time and money.


  • Always enough capacity and working with the best people
  • A transparent, efficient and fun recruitment process
  • Happy people in the field because they are enabled with the right tools to do their work
  • Delivering efficiency's and savings. Increasing the ROI.

Case studies

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