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Merchandising, Visual Merchandising
The challenge

Mercedes-Benz contacted CPM in the Netherlands, because they were looking for an outsourced sales agency, with the goal to continuously improve the look and feel of their dealerships in the Netherlands. This included supporting the dealers by implementing and (re)place seasonally all their POS materials in and around the dealers. In addition to providing a team of merchandisers CPM is also responsible for the implementation and the full coordination of this process.

Our Solution

We developed a dedicated and passionate team of visual merchandisers, including project coordination, reporting and coaching on the job.

CPM Responsibilities:

  • Performing the Visual merchandising activities in 3 rounds every year (spring, summer, autumn)
  • Collecting license plate information in-field
  • Merchandising activities:
    • (Re)placement of visual in-store merchandising;
    • (Re)placement of promotion displays;
    • (Re)placement of car information stands;


  • A well trained team with merchandise specialist for Mercedes-Benz
  • In 2.5 days we replace all banners at the Mercedes-Benz dealers in the Netherlands
  • This results in a high dealer satisfaction 3 times a year
  • A throughout report with all the results and pictures of the new banners, is shared with Mercedes-Benz after every cycle

Case studies

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