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Merchandising, Store Remodeling
The challenge

Jumbo supermarkets are constantly building a new formula to offer the best service, the largest and best assortment and the lowest price. For this reason, they convert existing stores to the latest, newest concept and build new stores. To achieve this, they need staff with the right experience and knowledge. In CPM they found a partner to help them remodeling the stores.

Our Solution

We have developed a training course. This includes a shelf remodeling module at the office, an e-learning and a day in the field to learn and experience all assets of the job. In the store we work with experienced teams under the leadership of a team leader. The shelf remodel teams have an extensive experience/background in retail- or convenience stores. The team leader is an experienced convenience store manager/- owner.
We can guarantee quality, speed and efficiency by making each team member responsible for his/her own product groups. This made us the preferred supplier for remodeling the Jumbo stores in the Benelux.


  • Remodeled 155 stores in 4 years in the Netherlands, and now expanding to Belgium
  • We developed an efficient way of working within our teams, what makes us finish the job before the deadline
  • Experienced and motivated employees/teams
  • Experienced team leaders with “Jumbo” knowledge

Case studies

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