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Sales Promotion
The challenge

Goodyear asked CPM Netherlands to help with the promotion of Goodyear tires at various dealers like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar/Landrover and BMW. At first Goodyear needed market information before they could roll-out the promotion wave. For wave 1 the goal was to gather information by completing a survey per dealer. In the 2nd wave the promotion team did a promotion around a campaign, where dealers received a discount by ordering a certain amount of tires. The end goal for this promotion is to gather information, to increase the Goodyear visibility at the dealers and to promote the campaign, so the dealers will buy and sell more Goodyear tires.

Our Solution

We created a team of 2 enthusiastic female sales promoters. They received an intensive training, enough POS materials and a mini with Goodyear tires. In the first wave they asked the dealers to participate in a small survey. In this round they received information, so we could measure the potential for Goodyear at all the dealers. Based on this information we organized wave 2, where the promoters were able to place POS materials and sell in the campaign.

CPM Responsibilities:

  • Make the dealers participate in the survey
  • Create a sell-in plan based on the gathered information
  • Place POS materials
  • Sell-in the campaign


  • We were able to explain the campaign at 89% of the visited dealers.
  • At 81% of the dealers we were able to talk about the market and the campaign
  • The outcome of the waves was so successful, that Goodyear decided to do 4 waves with CPM the next year

Case studies

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