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Strategic Oursourcing
A study on Strategic Outsourcing, in which we highlight the reasons why companies outsource their sales function and the many benefits that can be obtained by taking this strategic decision.
Insights & whitepapers , Resources for Clients
Retail Is Still Detail
Insights from CPM expert Joakim Gavelin on retail management and understanding consumer behaviour.
Resources for Clients
CX Trends: From Contact Centre to Experience Hub
In an increasingly hyper-connected world, consumers are demanding 24/7 multi-channel support and greater intimacy with brands.
Resources for Clients
The importance of data analytics
“Half the money I spend on sales and marketing is wasted. The problem is, I just don’t know which half.” The solution? Data!
Resources for Employees
To return or not to return? That is the question
Working from home. What happens next? One thing’s for sure; it’s a hotly debated topic. But is there really one ‘right answer’?
Resources for Clients
Introducing the CPM Retail Studio
With the launch of our new Retail Studio, CPM has developed an exciting new solution for the online customer experience.
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